Access Unsubstantiated Transactions Tab Through Invoices/Reports

Learn how to access the Unsubstantiated Transactions tab to view pending transactions for different participants and learn how to deactivate a participant, if necessary.
Written by Michele Lombardo
Updated 1 year ago

As a plan administrator, you will come across questions from your participants about substantiations requests. Participants have a fiduciary responsibility to provide documentation to Ameriflex in order to ensure that their card transactions are eligible for your plan. This article will help plan administrators be able to quickly view which participants have pending transactions and who owes documentation.

1. Log into the Ameriflex Client Portal

The home page appears. 

2. Select Invoices/Reports from the menu located on left of the page.

A new page appears with multiple tabs. 

3. Select the Unsubstantiated Transactions tab.

4. Hover over a participant's name (if listed) and select their name to view the current pending transactions for each person. 

5. If you wish to deactivate a participant’s account due to their lack of cooperation, select the Deactivate button next to their name.

Note:  If you deactivate your participant’s account, the participant will need to supply their substantiation documents or pay back the transaction amount that was deemed ineligible. If they are unable to provide the substantiation documentation, or the transaction is ineligible, for example the date of service does not fall within the plan year, they will need to clear that transaction in order for their account to be reactivated. They can do that by following the instructions here.

You successfully viewed which participants have pending transactions and who owes documentation.

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