Set Up Your Ameriflex Account (Participant)

Your Ameriflex account provides real-time access to all of your account information, including your current balance, transaction history, payment status, and more.
Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 8 months ago
Note: Before creating your account, make sure you have either your Ameriflex Debit Mastercard® or Social Security number readily available.

Create and set up your new Ameriflex account by completing the following steps:

1. Click here to access the participant registration page.

2. Once on the registration page, you will be asked for your last name, date of birth, and the expiration date and last 4 digits of your Ameriflex Debit Mastercard®. (Participant registration page, pictured below)

Note: If you prefer to enter your Social Security number instead of your Ameriflex Debit Mastercard® number, or if you have not yet received your Ameriflex Debit Mastercard®, select Don't have a card? (Don't have a card link, highlighted below)

If you select Don't have a card, a new screen will appear where you can enter your last name, date of birth, Social Security number, and company name.

3. After providing the requested information on either screen, click Next. The Login Information page appears. (Login Information page, pictured below)

4. Enter the email you would like to be associated with this account. Create a new password, then enter your new password again to confirm it.

5. Click Sign me up! The page refreshes and takes you to your account home page. (Account home page, pictured below)

You have successfully set up your account!

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