I used my card. Why Do I Need to Submit Documentation?

You used your card to pay for an expense, and then received a notification from Ameriflex requesting additional documentation. Why?
Written by Michele Lombardo
Updated 7 months ago

It can be confusing to determine when you are required to send us documentation to substantiate your card transaction.  We'll briefly explain the reason why and how you can clear it.  

The IRS requires all claims, including debit card transactions, to be substantiated to verify eligibility under the tax code. Successful verification allows you to enjoy the tax benefits associated with flexible spending accounts and health reimbursement arrangements. You will receive a notification from Ameriflex requesting additional documentation from you if we can't auto-verify the expense.  

Complete the following steps to submit additional documentation:

1. Log into the Ameriflex Participant Portal

2. Locate the transaction that requires additional documentation.

3. Click Add Documents next to the specific transaction.

A new window appears.

4. Locate and select the documentation you'd like to upload.

5. Follow the remaining window prompts on your screen to complete the uploading process. 

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