Understand Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

What is an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)? Learn where can you get and view your EOB.
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What is an EOB?

An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is a breakdown of a claim submitted to your primary insurance carrier for an expense. An EOB will detail whether or not the expense was applied as a copay, coinsurance, or in/out of network expense.

Note: An EOB is NOT a bill.  

You can get a copy of an Explanation of Benefits from your insurance company.

Tip: Take a photo or save your EOB when you receive one, so you can easily access it later on when documentation is required. 

Here's an example of an acceptable EOB (click on the image to enlarge the details):

An acceptable EOB should include all the following information:

  1. The date of service, the provider's account number and/or the provider's name, and claim number and/or the type of service.
  2. The amount charged, network savings, and the amount paid by your insurance.
  3. The coverage breakdown and the amount you are responsible based on your insurance. 

Learn more about EOB

Click on this image to learn more about how to read your EOB. 

Source: cms.gov

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