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Access invoices and reports

Ameriflex now allows employers to download several reports directly from the client portal at your convenience.
Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 8 months ago

Invoices available:

Claims invoices show all details, including the name of the participant, transaction total, if the transaction was paid manually or with the card, account type, and plan year (current or prior).

Admin Invoices show all details of plans, including number of participants enrolled in each plan and the per participant per month fee. This invoice will summarize your monthly administrative fee due to Ameriflex. If you have banking on file, this amount will be automatically drafted from your account. 

Important things to know:

  • If you have banking on file, this amount will be automatically drafted from your account. No need to send a check as well. To view and update your banking information on file please see this article: Add/Change bank accounts.
  • To obtain the details regarding specifically what plan members the group is being billed for, the group can download the Admin Invoice Detail Report on the Admin Invoice tab of the client portal. This report will show each billable participant and the billable plans they are enrolled in. Please remember to terminate participants timely in order for them to be removed from the next month's billing cycle. 

Monthly Account Balances show a month view of participants enrolled in each plan, annual elections, deposits, rollover deposit, total deposits, total distributed, forfeiture balance, and available balance.
Enrollments shows the participants that were enrolled during implementation for the plan year.

Unsubstantiated Transactions show the participants who haven’t substantiated a transaction that is over 180 days old. You are also able to deactivate a participant’s debit card here.


  1. From your Ameriflex account, click Invoices/Reports (located on the right hand side)
  2. Navigate to the report or invoice you’re interested in
Note: If you don’t see a report that is listed above, please check your user role.
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