Accessing Invoices and Reports

Employers can easily access and download reports and view invoices from the portal.
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Employers can visit the Invoices/Reports tab in the portal to access and view invoices and different types of reports at their own convenience. Employers also have the ability to run specific types of reports. 

How to Navigate to the Invoices/Reports Tab

Complete the following steps to access the Invoices/Reports tab: 

1. Log into your Ameriflex account.

2. Locate and click the Invoices/Reports tab to the left of the page.

Continue reading to learn about the different types of invoices and report tabs located at the top on this page. 

Types of Invoices You can Access and View

There are 2 types of invoices within the Invoices/Report tab:

1. Claims (Activity) Invoice: This invoice is for all card swipes and manual claims Ameriflex receives and has reimbursed.  For claims activity, you can choose how frequently you would like to reconcile the account. The notice of an invoice available to view will be sent via email.  

If you have banking information on file, your bank account will be ACH debited within 24-48 hours upon invoice notification.

2. Admin (Fee) Invoice: This invoice will be for your administration invoice that will be generated in the Employer Portal each month, typically around the 1st of the month. Those listed as contacts will receive an email notice to go into the portal to download the new invoices each month.

The bank account that is provided during implementation will be ACH debited within 24-48 hours upon receipt of the invoice notification. 

Types of Reports You Can Access and View

There are the 7 reports that are made readily available for you to access and view within the Invoices/Report tab:

1. Admin Invoice Detail Reports: This report can be found within the Admin Invoices tab. It contains detailed information for each month the groupies invoiced and what plan members make up that particular invoice.  

2. Monthly Account Balance Report: are available in the Employer portal at the start of each month.  These reports offer a snapshot of the account for the prior month.  Keep in mind that this report is a snapshot as it does not provide real time information.  For real time information refer to the Account Balance Report. 

3. Enrollments Report: This report shows the participants that were enrolled during implementation for the plan year. You can view a report for each plan year.  

4. Unsubstantiated Transaction Report: This report shows the participants who haven’t substantiated a transaction that is over 180 days old. If your group controls whether and when to suspend card access for participants who fail to substantiate in an acceptable time frame, you can also deactivate cards by links provided in this report. For more information on Substantiation, see Employer Debit Card Substantiation Options 

5. HSA Funding Report: This report is for Employers with an HSA. The HSA Funding Report provides an overview of the funding for participants’ HSA accounts and are sorted by payroll date. Refer to Accessing HSA Reports to learn how to generate this report.

6. HSA Account Report: This report is for Employers with an HSA. It provides a snapshot of the participating employees, their account status and account information. Refer to Accessing HSA Reports to learn how to generate this report.

7. Enrollment Confirmation Report:  After your Open Enrollment, the confirmation report provides details on the elections and demographic information entered for each participant during the enrollment. This report allows you to have access to an easy format to review the enrollments for accuracy.  For instructions on generating the Enrollment Confirmation Report, refer to Generating an Enrollment Confirmation Report

Types of Reports You can Generate

There are 3 types of reports you can generate on your own and view within the Invoices/Report tab: 

1. Card Generation Report: To obtain an overview of your participant’s cards, you can Run a Card Generation Report.  This report will provide the participant names, the addresses the card were sent to, when the cards were issued,  and when the cards are set to expire.  

2. Transaction Report:  The transaction report allows a Plan Administrator or Outside Plan Administrator to pull a report showing transactions for each participant without going into each individual account.  For instructions on how to generate this report, see Pulling a Transaction Report.   

3. Real-Time Account Balance Report: Ameriflex makes it easy for you to run real-time reports within our secure Client Portal at any time. This data will include annual elections, total deposits, total spend and available balances. By allowing our clients to run this directly in the portal, behind a password, we are able to better protect sensitive HIPAA and PHI information to better serve you. For that reason, we do ask our groups to run this report directly in the portal but do not worry, it is very easy to run. 

The Real-Time Account Balance Report is within the ellipses located at the top right hand corner of the Invoices/Reports tab.

Refer to Run a Real-Time Account Balance Report for detailed instructions on how to generate one. 

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