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Submitting a Request by Email or the Ameriflex Support Portal

How to submit a request via email or the Support Portal.
Written by Lucy Tran
Updated 2 months ago

Submitting a New Request by Email

Email our Client Relationship Team to submit a request. 

From your email,

1. Create a new message. 

2. In the “To” section, copy and paste clientsupport@myameriflex.com into your email. 

3. For the "Subject" line, include the title of your request.

4. In the body of the email, include a description of your request.

For example, you can type "Please assist me."

5. Hit Send.

You successfully emailed the Client Relationship Team to request support.

Note: If this is your first time emailing about a request, you will receive a "Welcome to Ameriflex" from Ameriflex Support to register for an account to our support portal where you can view the activities of all of your requests after you complete registration. Refer to the Signing Up and Creating a Password for the Ameriflex Support Portal article for more details.

Submitting a New Request in the Support Portal

In this section, you will learn how to submit a request in the portal and be able to choose a direct team with who you’d like to direct the request to for assistance.

Note: The difference between submitting a request through the portal vs sending an email to submit a request is you have the option to choose which team's inbox the request should directly be addressed.

From your support portal account,

1. Click  Submit a Request to initiate a new support request.

The Submit a request page appears.

2. In the Direct my request to field, use the scroll bar to select the correct contact to support your request.

Note: If you’re not sure who your contact is, you can find their information listed in the General Tab of your Ameriflex Employer Portal under ‘Ameriflex Contacts’.

3. Include a subject in the Subject line.

4. Add a description of your request.

5. Attach files with supporting evidence, if necessary.

6. Click Submit.

You completed a submission for a new request in the portal. 

The team you chose to receive the request will review it as soon as possible.

You will receive an email notification when there is an update to your request.

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