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Eligible Expenses

Learn what you can spend your money on.
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An eligible expense is defined as those expenses paid for care as described in Section 213 (d) of the Internal Revenue Code. Below are two lists which may help determine whether an expense is eligible.

For more detailed information, please refer to IRS Publication 502 titled, “Medical and Dental Expenses,” if tax advice is required, you should seek the services of a competent professional. 

Deductible Medical Expenses/Eligible Expenses Examples

Abdominal supports Abortion Acupuncture
Air conditioner (when necessary for relief from difficulty in breathing) Alcoholism treatment Ambulance
Anesthetist Arch supports Artificial limbs
Autoette (when used for relief of sickness/disability) Birth Control Pills (by prescription) Blood tests
Blood transfusions Braces Cardiographs
Chiropractor Christian Science Practitioner Contact Lenses
Contraceptive devices (by prescription) Convalescent home (for medical treatment only)  Crutches
Dental Treatment Dental X-rays  Dentures
Dermatologist Diagnostic fees Diathermy
Drug addiction therapy Drugs (prescription)  Elastic hosiery (prescription) 
Eyeglasses Fees paid to health institute  FICA and FUTA tax paid for medical care service 
Fluoridation unit Guide dog Gum treatment
Gynecologist Healing services Hearing aids and batteries
Hospital bills Hydrotherapy Insulin treatment
Lab tests Lead paint removal Legal fees
Lodging (away from home for outpatient care)  Metabolism tests Neurologist
Nursing (including board and meals) Obstetrician Operating room costs
Ophthalmologist Optician Optometrist
Oral surgery Organ transplant (including donor's expenses) Organ transplant (including
Orthopedist Osteopath Oxygen and oxygen equipment
Pediatrician Physician Physiotherapist
Podiatrist Postnatal treatments Practical nurse for medical services
Prenatal care Prescription medicines Psychiatrist
Psychoanalyst Psychologist Psychotherapy
Radium Therapy Registered nurse Special school costs for the handicapped
Spinal fluid test Splints Sterilization
Surgeon Telephone or TV equipment to assist the hard-of-hearing Therapy equipment
Transportation expenses (relative to health care)  Ultra-violet ray treatment Vaccines
Vasectomy Vitamins (if prescribed) Wheelchair

Eligible Over-the-Counter Drugs Examples

Allergy Medications Cold Medicine Pain relievers
Antacids Cough drops and throat lozenges Pedialyte
Antibiotic ointments Feminine Menstrual care Sinus Medications and Nasal Sprays
Anti-diarrhea medicine First aid creams Sleep aids
Calamine lotion Motion sickness medicine Wart removal medication

Non-eligible Expenses Examples

Acne Treatments Fiber Supplements Nutritional Supplements
Athletic Club membership/Gym Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA) contribution One-A-Day Vitamins
Baby Sitting, Childcare, and Nursing Services for non-impaired child Funeral Expenses Personal Use Items
Boarding school fees Future Medical Care Scientology counseling
Bottled Water Hair Transplant Social activities
Chapstick Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) contribution Stop-smoking programs
Controlled Substances Household Help Suntan lotion (sun protection is eligible but requires broad spectrum protection and an SPF of 15+)
Cosmetic Surgery Illegal Operations and treatments Toiletries
Dancing and Swimming Lessons (even if recommended by doctor) Maternity Clothes Toothbrush
Diaper Server Medical Savings Account (MSA) contributions Toothpaste
Dietary Supplements Medicated Shampoo/Soaps Topical Creams
Electrolysis or Hair Removal Medicines and Drugs from other countries Veterinary Fees
Face Cream Moisturizers

You can use the below links to find the qualifications for each item. 

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