What is Intellect?

Here you will find a summary of Intellect and how it works in conjunction with Ameriflex.
Written by Taylor Byas
Updated 5 months ago

Intellect is a leading mental health tech company that offers manageable mental health support and behavioral guidance anytime and anywhere. Intellect's mission is to redefine mental healthcare, to make mental health support more accessible, and to remove the stigma that surrounds seeking mental health support. Intellect strives to change how mental health support can be packaged and delivered to individuals and workplaces. Employers can onboard a mental health benefit that combines technology with a human touch, and individuals can look towards Intellect's self-care platform and one-on-one coaching sessions. 

For your participants, Intellect's end-to-end mental health support includes:

  • Intellect Proactive: Your participants will have full access to Intellect's award-winning app, which features rescue sessions, learning paths, guided journals, user analytics, and other self-guided programs that develop and support mental health.
  • Intellect Coaching: Intellect offers behavioral health coaching, in both live and text-based formats. Participants can enjoy unlimited text messaging with a coach, along with four 30-minute sessions per employee per year (with a maximum of 300 sessions per 1000 employees). An optional extra bundle of session credits can be purchased if needed (50 sessions for $2,250 or 100 sessions for $4,000).

If you don't have Intellect and would like to add it, use our Request for Proposal form and someone will be in touch shortly.

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