Upload the pre-populated enrollment spreadsheet

Here are steps for finding and completing the enrollment form
Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 1 year ago

Enrollment information is required each plan year so you will need to complete and submit our Enrollment Spreadsheet during your plan year renewal.


  1. Login here  
  2. Click on the Upload your Enrollments action item
  3. Click Download Enrollment Spreadsheet
  4. The spreadsheet is pre-populated with those actively enrolled.  The third tab shows detailed directions on how to complete the spreadsheet
  5. Remove any participants/dependents who will not be actively contributing in the new year
  6. Add any new participants/dependents ensuring that all required fields are completed.
  7. Navigate back to your Ameriflex portal
  8. Click on Upload your Enrollment file to load the completed enrollment spreadsheet into your Ameriflex portal.  Once uploaded, your Client Success Team will have your enrollments processed.
Note: If the spreadsheet has missing elements when it’s loaded, you will be asked to complete the missing fields and re-upload. If you need assistance, email the spreadsheet to your Client Success Specialist.
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