How to navigate the midyear takeover process

If you would like Ameriflex to administer your run-out or grace period, the midyear takeover process is outlined below with a list of exactly what you will need to complete the implementation.
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Employers can follow these steps to complete the implementation process:

Step 1 - Log into the Ameriflex portal and complete all the action items in your court.

Step 2 - Schedule a call with the Client Success Specialist to go over the plan details. This is where we will begin getting the takeover information.

Step 3 - Reach out to your current third-party administrator (TPA) to set up the group's blackout period, then advise your Ameriflex Client Success Specialist what that blackout period will be.

Details about the required blackout period: 
  • This is a two-week time period where employees will not be able to use their cards. 
  • We typically see the blackout period as the last two weeks of the group’s current plan year. 
  • It is very important to communicate these dates to Ameriflex, your employees, and your current TPA, to let them know that the day before the blackout period will be the last day they can process any claims.

Step 4 - Get the enrollment information together for the current year. This will be sent to us on the Ameriflex formatted spreadsheet.

Details about the required Current Election Spreadsheet:  
  • Download the spreadsheet from your Ameriflex Account, then:
  • Ensure all members have proper eligibility dates.
  • Should list full elections, not remaining balances.
  • There should not be any new enrollees at this time unless they just became eligible as a new hire.
Note: Account Transaction File can be found in the Employer Portal (SPA) within the participant tab. Click the ellipsis and download the blank account transaction file.

Step 5 - Once the blackout period is complete, reach out to your prior TPA to obtain the Enrollee Account Balance (EAB) report in Excel format.

Details about the required EAB Report:  
  • This must be provided in Excel with full social security numbers.
  • The group can request this from their prior TPA after the blackout period has ended.

Step 6 - Use the EAB report to complete the Contribution/Payroll Files (IH Files) for Ameriflex.

Details about completing the IH File:

Update the total amount contributed to the plan at the prior TPA:

  • This information can be found on the prior TPA's Enrollee Account Balance report once they confirm the report is final.
  • Use Deposit Code "A" on the IH File.

Update funds that have already been used by the employees under the prior TPA.

  • Information can be found on the Enrollee Account Balance report from the prior TPA
  • IH file with deposit type C

Add Rollover Balances

  • IH file with deposit type R

Step 7 - Follow these instructions to upload the IH File.

Step 8 - Submit both EAB and IH files to your Client Success Specialist for review and processing.

NOTE:  Your Client Success Specialist may reach out to you with questions.  Processing time may vary depending on the time of year.

Here is what Ameriflex needs to process a midyear takeover:

Here is a checklist for midyear takeovers.

Frequently asked questions:  

  1. What is a takeover?  A takeover is when new clients joining Ameriflex are leaving their prior TPA who will not be administering their run-out period.
  2. How long does the blackout have to be? We suggest 2 weeks before the termination date, but this is dependent on the prior TPA. 
  3. Can my employees use their card during the blackout? No, this is a period where their cards would be shut off, and the TPA would not process any manual or card swipes. 
  4. How long until the takeover funds are available, and when can our employee's use Ameriflex funds? Processing time for takeovers can take 3-4 business days, depending on whether we have all the information needed for processing. Once that is completed, the funds for Ameriflex would be available, but not until everything has been fully processed.
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