How Does Ameriflex Funding Work?

Written by Taylor Byas
Updated 2 months ago

In most instances, Ameriflex does not require employers to send their employees’ payroll contributions on a per-pay basis. Instead, the employer should retain these funds as deducted each pay period. Ameriflex will only invoice the employer when employees use money from their accounts. This is beneficial to the employer because there is no cumbersome contribution reconciliation process at the end of the plan year or large sum amount provided upfront. 

Ameriflex will now cover provider payments on behalf of your employees, then debit the employer for what employees have used for that day. Each day, the employer will receive a notification if any funds were used from their accounts the day prior. 

The invoice will be accessible within the Employer Portal under the Invoices/Reports section. Please note that this invoice will include the Account Funding Fee of 4.99% of the invoice total. If you have banking information on file, your bank account will be ACH debited within 24-48 hours upon invoice notification. 

If an employer terminates services with Ameriflex, we recommend reviewing the signed Terms & Conditions located in the Employer Portal, which outlines client requirements to obtain a portion of the collected fees.

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