Funding the Ameriflex HSA Accounts

You can fund an HSA account either by Direct Deposit or by ACH Pull. The ACH pull method would be in conjunction with (a) an Account Transaction File (either submitted by the client or their payroll vendor via EDI) or (b) a payroll calendar schedule.
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Direct Deposit (Employee funded)

An account number will be generated for each member after enrollments are entered and they pass the CIP process.

Complete the following steps:

1. The employer can pull an HSA Account Report and then log into the Client Portal to review the account numbers. 

2. The plan administrator should send the unique account numbers and Ameriflex’s routing number (101218856) to their payroll team.

3. Each pay period, the amount that the participant is contributing to their HSA should be deducted from their paycheck and paid out to that Ameriflex routing and account number. Any changes to elections can be made directly with the group’s payroll team.

Note: Participants will receive a 'Welcome' email detailing the steps to learn how to obtain direct deposit slips, how to use their cards, and how to manage their accounts online.

ACH Pull (Employer funds partially or all)

There are three different ways that the ACH pull can be done.

ACH Pull/File-based

1. Download a blank HSA Funding Spreadsheet. View our Complete a HSA Funding File article for instructions).

If the file has errors, the confirmation window will include the error notes. If the file doesn’t have any errors, the funds will be posted to the accounts within 3-5 business days.

Note: You must fill out the funding spreadsheet every time you wish to post funds. 

ACH Pull/Calendar

The HSA plan must be assigned to a Calendar in the Employer Portal, and the contributions will auto-deposit to the HSA accounts on the dates selected on the calendar. 

Note: If funding the HSA via ACH Pull/Calendar, and EDI files are being submitted, the EDI IC file must feed over with the Employee Deposit Amount and/or the Employer Deposit Amount fields populated.


If funding the HSA via ACH Pull/EDI, the EDI IH file must feed over with the Employee Deposit Amount and/or the Employer Deposit Amount for each record.

If neither of the funding options above work for you, reach out to your Client Relationship Manager to discuss additional options to fund the HSA accounts.

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