Complete a Health Savings Account (HSA) Funding File for Fiserv

Fill out and upload the HSA Funding Spreadsheet if you have chosen file-based funding for your HSA or need to make an off-cycle deposit to your members' accounts. Creating and loading this file is an easy two part process. 
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Note: If a contribution needs to be applied towards the previous calendar year, reach out to your Client Relationship Team. They will provide you the correct HSA funding file.
Warning: The effective date cannot be a date prior to the date you are filling out the spreadsheet; it must be today's date or a date in the future. You will receive an error if the date is prior to today and the file will not process.

How to Check My HSA Funding Type

Complete the following steps to check your HSA funding method selection before creating and filling out the funding spreadsheet. 

1. Login to your Ameriflex Employer Portal

2. Locate and select Plans.

A new page appears.

3. From the dropdown, select your HSA plan

4. Under your HSA plan, locate the Funding Type field. 

In this example, the Funding Type is ACH Pull on the file-based method.

Note: Contact your Client Relationship Team to communicate with them of any changes to your selected funding type/method. 

After you've checked your funding method, complete the two-part process in the following sections to create and upload your HSA Funding Spreadsheet.

Part One: Create the HSA Funding File

Note: If a contribution needs to be applied towards the previous calendar year, skip this section. Reach out to your Client Relationship Team and they will provide you the correct HSA funding file.

Complete the following steps to create the HSA Funding Spreadsheet. 

Note: You must fill out and complete a new file every time funds are deposited.

1.  Log into your Ameriflex Employer Portal

2.  To the left of the page, locate and click on the HSA tab. 

3.  Click on the ellipsis and select Download Blank HSA Funding Spreadsheet from the list of options. 

Information: This spreadsheet will provide you all employees who have passed CIP and are able to have their HSA funded.  Note, if the employee did not pass CIP, they will not appear on the file. 

4.  Open the spreadsheet file on your computer.

5. Fill out and complete the spreadsheet by adding the deposit amounts. 

6. Save the file to a secure place on your computer.

Part Two: Upload the Funding File

You must complete all the steps in Part One before you can proceed with the steps in this section to upload the HSA Funding Spreadsheet file into the Ameriflex Employer Portal. 

Note: The Employee Deposit field will show an amount of zero before you upload the completed HSA Funding Spreadsheet.

1. From the HSA tab in the Ameriflex Employer Portal, click on the ellipsis. 

A list with two options appear.

2.  Click on Create HSA Funding Batch

3.   Enter the correct Funding Date. 

Information: This is the payroll effective date and the date the deposit will reflect on the member’s account.

4.  In the top right hand corner of the page, click on Upload Funding Spreadsheet and choose your saved file.  

5. Locate, select, and upload your completed file.

 The Employee Deposit field should now include an amount.  

6. Click Save. 

A confirmation window appears.

7.  Review the message and click Confirm to verify the total deposit amounts of the file. 

8. Click Save

The system proceeds to process the confirmed HSA Funding batch. 

You successfully uploaded your HSA Funding Spreadsheet file. A confirmation window appears to let you know processing is complete.

NOTE:  Deposits will reflect in the accounts within 3 business days.

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