Accessing HSA Reports

Plan Administrators can access and download two reports related to their HSA plan using the Ameriflex Employer Portal. The two reports are the HSA Funding Report and the HSA Account Report.
Written by Michele Lombardo
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Complete the following steps to learn how to generate the two different reports:

1. Log into the Ameriflex Client Portal

2. Select Invoices/Reports located to the left of the page. 

3. Locate the HSA Funding Report tab and the HSA Account Report tab at the top of the page. 

The HSA Funding Report - provides an overview of the funding for participant HSA accounts and are sorted by payroll dates.

The HSA Account Report - provides a snapshot of the Participating employees, their account status as well as the account information.  

4. Choose ONE: HSA Funding Report or HSA Account Report. 

Note: You can only generate one report at a time.

5. For the HSA Funding Report, locate the report/payroll date you'd like to view and select Download. 


For the HSA Account Report, locate and click Export to Excel.

The file should download to your computer and you can view the report from there.

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