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Funding the HSA accounts

There are two ways to fund an HSA account.
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Direct Deposit (Employee funded)


  1. Upon receiving the initial enrollments, Ameriflex will provide you with the HSA bank account numbers for all the HSA accounts within 24-48 hours.
  2. Plan administer sends the account numbers and Ameriflex Routing Number (provided by your Client Relationship Manager) to their payroll team.
  3. Each pay period, the amount that the participant is contributing to their HSA should be deducted from their paycheck and paid out to Ameriflex routing and account number. Any changes to elections can be made directly with the group’s payroll team.
Note: Participants will receive a Welcome Email detailing methods to obtain direct deposit slips, how to use their cards, and how to manage their accounts online

ACH Pull (Employer funds partially or all)


  1. Complete the ACH pull authorization form and send it to your Client Success Specialist (if you’re in the middle of renewal) or Client Relationship Manager (throughout the plan year).
  2. When you want to post contributions to an account, complete the contribution spreadsheet (IH file) (see instructions below) and send it to your Client Relationship Manager. 
  3. Once the file is received and processed, funds are posted into the accounts within 3 business days.
  4. You will receive an email confirmation overnight once the contribution file has been loaded.
Note: Every time you wish to post funds, you need to fill out the contribution spreadsheet.

IH File Instructions: 

Column A - Employee SSN - Employee full Social Security Number without dashes or spaces.

Column B - Account Type - This is always "ABH".

Column C - Deposit Type - This is always "A".

Column D - Employee Contribution - The total dollar amount for the employee that needs to be deposited - This is formatted to appear as $0.000000000. 

Column F - Effective date - This is the date you would like the deposit to post. This date must be changed each time that a new file is set for processing. If two files are received with the same dates, the system may perceive it as a duplicate post and will not load the deposit.

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