Where do I go for ongoing COBRA Management?

Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 2 years ago

The COBRA portal is what you will use on a daily basis for COBRA-related matters and participant information moving forward.

  • Communications Tab - The communications tab contains a listing of all letters, notices, invoices that are sent to an entity or member. You can see the timestamp (date and time sent), type, description, and page count for each communication. This tab will provide you the ability to print any communication that was sent to a participant. All communications will be available the morning after they were generated. View additional instructions for access COBRA communications and member messages.

  • Remittance Report - The remittance report contains a detailed summary of all payments applied to premium months that are due to either the client or carrier (minus bookable admin fees) through a specific date. It is required that you run this report monthly so you can reconcile your carrier bills. It will be available around the 7th or 8th of each month. This report will provide all details or premiums that we receive from your COBRA participants. Note: COBRA premiums are remitted in arrears. View additional instructions for running a COBRA remittance report.

  • Member Status Report - This report will show you who has been entered into the COBRA portal. Status is used to indicate the current state of a member’s coverage under a plan. A status may also be called member status, member record status, member plan status, and plan status. All of these terms have the same meaning. Status is automatically changed by the system based on defined time periods, system actions, payment activity, and letter generation rules. View additional instructions for running a COBRA members status report

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