When a person terminates COBRA is the broker or client notified?

In the realm of employee benefits, understanding our COBRA Enrollment Notice process is paramount.
Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 2 months ago

As a plan administrator it is important to understand our process but also your responsibilities to ensure your members are properly enrolled and/or terminated.

When a person terminates COBRA, Ameriflex will email a termination notice to the enrollment contact provided for each of the specific plans elected. Ameriflex will also email a copy of the termination notice to the plan administrator for follow-up. 

Note: A copy of the termination notice is sent to the plan administrator to ensure the notice is processed with the carrier. If the plan administrator is listed as the enrollment contact, the plan administrator will be responsible for reaching out to the carrier to advise of termination. 

To view enrollments at any time, clients and brokers can run various reports within the COBRA portal. Some of these reports are listed and linked below for your convenience:

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