Cloning a New Plan Member to a Qualified Beneficiary

Written by Lucy Tran
Updated 9 months ago

Converting a New Plan Member (NPM) into a Qualified Beneficiary (QB) once they leave the company is an easy process! 

You will use the step by step instructions below to convert them.  The system will automatically pull the data we already have on file for the member, so there is less data entry then just creating a new record.  This article will show you how to convert your New Plan Members to Qualified Beneficiaries in just a few easy steps.

Complete the following steps:

1. Log into your COBRA account.

The home page appears.

2. Locate Members on the left of the page and select the drop-down arrow to the right of it. 

A list of options appears.

3. Select Find Member.

The Find Member page loads.

4. Fill out the necessary fields for the specific member you're searching for.

Note:  The screenshot shows an example of searching for a member by their first name and last name. You can search for a member by their First Name, Last Name, SSN, or Member ID. 

5. Click Find Member.

A list of of members should appear below the Find Member section.

6. Locate the member's name you searched for, hover over it, and select the specific member you would like to convert.

The individual member's profile should now appear on the menu to the left of the page under the Members section.

7. Under Individual Member, select Actions.

The Actions page appears with different options.

8. Click the Clone New Hire to Qualified Beneficiary button.

The Profile Information page loads.

9. Fill out all the required fields on this page.

10. Click Next.

The Employee Information page loads.

11. Complete all required fields on the Employee Information page. 

12. Click Save & Continue. 

The Plan Information  page appears. 

12. Select + Add Plan. 

The Add Plan dialogue box appears. 

13. Under Plan, click the drop-down arrow next to it to select a plan.

14. Under Coverage Level, click the drop-down arrow next to it to select a coverage level.

15. Select Save. 

16. Repeat steps 12 through 15 to add all applicable plans and coverage levels if you have more than one plan. 

17. Select Save & Continue when you are done adding all plans to the Plan Information page.

The Dependents page appears.

18. Select + Add Dependents to add any dependents to the account.

19. Fill out the fields for each dependent you'd like to include to the account.

20. Click Save & Continue when you are done adding all dependents.

The Subsidies page loads. 

21. Select + Add Subsidy Schedule to add any subsidies to the account.

22. Input the start date, end date, and amount of the subsidy you would like to cover.

23. Click Save & Continue. 

The Letter Inserts page appears.

24. Select the boxes next to each letter insert you would like to add to the Specific Rights Notice if you offer State Continuation.

25. Select Save & Continue when you are done with your selections.

The Letter Attachments page appears.

26. If you have custom letters attachments, you can add those letter attachments on this page. If you do not have any letter attachments, select Add Member and the system will create a new record. 

You successfully cloned a New Plan Member to a Qualified Beneficiary.

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