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Ameriflex Support Portal

What is it? Why are we Using it?
Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 1 month ago

The Ameriflex Support Portal is a new customer support platform that will further protect our customers’ sensitive health information and provide more transparency in our service request process.

What Changed?

You will continue to email your Ameriflex contacts as you normally do; however, you will need to register and log into the portal to view their responses. 

How Does This Benefit Me?

As you know, Ameriflex handles sensitive health information that is protected by HIPAA. The Ameriflex Support Portal: 

  • Is HIPAA compliant and protects your emails from unauthorized access or vulnerabilities from third party email systems
  • Provides you with a centralized location to view all of your current and previous requests submitted to your Client Relationship Team
  • Automatically assigns your request to a knowledgeable team member for quick follow up
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