Terminate a Participant

How a Plan Administrator can terminate a participant through the portal.
Written by Rachael Seida
Updated 2 years ago

Any Plan Administrator for a group can terminate a participant through Ameriflex's Employer Portal. 

Note [for HSA Participants]: If a participant wishes not to contribute to the plan any longer, but is still an active employee with the group, they should remain active on the plan as long as they are still HSA eligible. They should only be terminated from the plan if they are no longer HSA eligible or if they have separated from employment. This will prevent issues if, and when, they wish to contribute to the plan again. 

Complete the following steps to terminate an employee:

1. Login to the Ameriflex Client Portal

2. Locate and select Participants from the list of options to the left of the page.

The Participants page appears.

3. Locate and click the participant's name you wish to terminate.

Note: The screenshot in this step includes a test name. The list of names is sorted by [last name, first name]. 

4. Click on the ellipse in the top right corner of the page.

A dropdown option appears.

5. Select Terminate Participant

The Terminated window appears. 

6. Fill out the Terminated Date field and Additional Information field for the selected participant's name.

7. Click Save. 

You successfully terminated a participant.

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