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  1. Login here 
  2. Click on Plans  (on the left hand side of screen)
  3. Select the plan that you would like to review from the drop down menu.
    NOTE:  You can click the radio button for past plans if you wish to see a previous plan year)
  4. Click on the Run-out drop down to see rules.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Run Out Period?  A run-out period is a timeframe in the new plan year during which participants can file claims for expenses incurred in the previous plan year. This timeframe is established by the employer—not the IRS. While timeframes vary from employer to employer, a 90-day run-out period is common.

Why is it important/meaningful to the group?  Run out periods provide a little extra time to get reimbursed. This can be applied to a Health FSA, LPFSA, and Dependent Care FSA. For example, if your run out period lasts until March 31, participants could file claims up to that deadline for expenses that happened before December 31.

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