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Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 2 years ago

Participants have easy and secure access to their account information, 24/7 via the participant portal and Ameriflex mobile app.  They can check their balance, reimburse themselves for out-of-pocket spending, check the status of a claim, set up direct deposit, and more.  For example:  they can view reasons why claims were denied in order to fix and resubmit that claim.  If they have any questions they can reach out to our Participant Services Team at 888-868-3539.  They would be happy to help the participant navigate through the portal and the mobile app.

As the Plan Administrator, you will have access to this information via the Ameriflex portal.

  1. Login here
  2. In the (left side of screen) menu click on the Participants Tab
  3. Find and Select the Participant in which you would like to review
  4. In the (left side of screen) menu click transactions
  5. From here you can filter by Account, Status, Transaction code or date. You can also view all transactions.
  6. Click Search
Note: You must be assigned with full Portal access to view this information
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