Submit Leave of Absence (LOA)

Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 1 year ago

The FSA plan can either be revoked while on Leave of Absence (LOA) through our standard termination process or the employee and employer can make arrangements to continue the benefit plan. The options to this are on the bottom portion of that form.


1. Download and fill out the Leave of Absence form

2. If the participant is continuing their Flexible Spending Account, select one of these options: 

  • Continue to make post-tax contributions to their plan by sending payments monthly to the employer (Ameriflex will keep their plan open and active for current use)
  • Continue to make pre-tax contributions if they are still receiving paychecks or other compensation (Ameriflex will keep their plan open and active for current use)
  • (This option, if offered, would need to be offered to all participants.) Employees can make catch-up contributions upon their return to work as long as they return within the same plan year as their current enrollment. (Ameriflex will keep their plan open and active for current use)

 3. Send the completed form to your Client Relationship Manager

Notes: If a participant has a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), it should continue alongside the medical plan and only be terminated if the medical plan is terminated.
If a participant has a Dependent Care Account (DCA), it should be terminated on the last day worked because the dependent care accounts are only eligible while both sets of parents are working. If/when they return from LOA, they are eligible to enroll in the DCA plan again if both parents are again working. 

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