Steps to Setting up an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) File

Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 1 year ago

We are happy you are setting up an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) file with Ameriflex, and this article will lay out the steps to help you get started.   

If you haven’t already, please check out our EDI Timeline to review all of the steps and responsible parties for each step of the integration process. 

Here are next steps to get the connection up and running:

  • Start Integration: Please note this is a critical step to ensure timeliness of EDI set up.  

The employer will need to contact their EDI vendor/contact and request the vendor  contacts our EDI Support Team at to begin the integration process. EDI integrations that adhere to Ameriflex standard file specs are included in your pricing and are free of additional charge.  

If your EDI vendor does need to make any modifications, please note additional fees could be incurred based on scope and time needed to accommodate requested modifications outside of our standard file specs.  In addition, you should confirm with your EDI vendor on applicable fees from their end with regards to file feeds to Ameriflex.  

Below are some helpful resources for this process.

Ameriflex EDI Specifications:

  • File Testing Period:  Once your vendor has reached out to, our EDI Support team will begin the integration and testing process with your EDI vendor. This testing process can take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete to ensure all data received is coming over on the files accurately for our system to be able to process. The EDI Support team will be in constant communication with your EDI vendor during this process. Please check out our EDI Timeline as well as it outlines all the steps and the responsible party for each step.

File enters into Production: Once the testing period has been completed, and both Ameriflex and your EDI vendor confirm that the files can be moved into production, your setup will be complete! If you, or a member of the employer’s team, would like to receive confirmation reporting each time a file is processed, please notify your service team, and they can ensure you receive a copy of our file processing reports.

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