Statuses in the Ameriflex Support Portal

Understand the status of your request
Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 1 year ago

When viewing your support requests in the Ameriflex Support Portal, you may see one of the following statuses for each request: 

  • Open: Your designated support team is working to resolve your request.  We may be working internally with other departments to get your request resolved. 
  • Pending: Your designated support team is waiting for you to respond, add supporting documentation, etc.
Note: Tickets that are in this status for 6 or more days without an update will be automatically closed; however your issue is still important to us! Create a new request, so we can re-assist you. 
  • Solved: Your designated support team has completed your request. You will still want to click on the Solved requests when received to review the action taken.  Note: requests that were resolved more than a week ago, with no further updates, will not appear here.
  • Closed: This status indicates that the request may have had a prior status, but due to the the time that has elapsed it has now been closed.
Note: You are able to respond in an Open, Pending, or Solved ticket by clicking on Add to Conversation, entering a response, and then clicking Submit.  
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