Responding to a Request in the Ameriflex Support Portal

Written by Lucy Tran
Updated 1 year ago

Complete the following steps to respond to a request in the support portal:

1. Click on the status for the request.

The thread of messages for the specific request appears.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the thread and locate the Add to Conversation text box.

3. Click in the box and type your message.

4. Attach/add files to your messages, if necessary.

5. Select the Submit button.

The page refreshes and the Status should change to Open.

Note: An Open status means indicates your message has been sent and your Ameriflex contact hasn't received it yet.

The Ameriflex Support team will see your response and respond accordingly. 

If you were copied on a ticket from another user, that ticket will show in the ‘Requests I’m CC’d on’ tab.

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