Change the Broker of Record

Steps on how to request to change Broker of Record (BOR) information in the portal.
Written by Rachael Seida
Updated 11 months ago

As an administrator, there will be times when there is change in Broker relationships. In these instances, it is important to update the Broker information in the Ameriflex employer portal to ensure that we have the most up to date information for contacts on your account. This article will assist you in updating your Broker of Record (BOR) in the Ameriflex employer portal.

1. Login to the Ameriflex Client Portal.

2. Select General from the menu to the left of the page. (General tab circled below)

3. Once the General page appears, locate the Broker section and click the dropdown arrow to expand the section. (Dropdown arrow circled below)

4. Click Request Broker Change. (Request Broker Change circled below)

The page refreshes to show the Employer Broker's Information window.

5. Fill out the broker’s information. (Employer's Broker Information form pictured below)

6. Select Save. (Save button circled below)

You successfully changed the broker's information.

We highly recommend making your broker an Outside Plan Administrator. Click here for instructions on how to make that change.

Note: To change the broker of record, you will need the Firm name, Broker’s name, physical address, EIN number, and the broker’s email address.

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