Generating an Enrollment Confirmation Report

After your open enrollment period, it is imperative that you review the enrollments for accuracy.  The enrollment confirmation report will allow you to review the election and demographic information entered for each participant.
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What are some of the key reasons you may want to run these reports?

This report gives administrators the opportunity to review each participant’s account and set up for accuracy. If any participant is not showing as intended, the employer can submit the necessary corrections.

Complete the following steps to generate an Enrollment Confirmation Report:

1. Log into the Ameriflex Client Portal

2. Select Invoices/Reports. 

A new page appears.

3. Locate and select the Enrollment Confirmation tab at the top of the page.

4. Select the plan year you wish to review from the drop down menu, located under Select Plan Dates to see Enrollment Data.

5. Review the report with masked information OR select Press to switch to Un-Masked Version to un-mask the data and review it from the portal.

Note: Masked vs. Un-Masked relates to how detailed the personal information will appear on the report.  For example:  SSN’s that are masked will only provide the last 4 digits.  Un-Masked will provide the full SSN.

6. Click the ellipsis to download the report as an excel sheet to view from your desktop.

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