Client Monthly Report Explanation

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The Client Monthly Account Balance report is easily accessible and provides you snapshot of the account for the prior month.  

Note: This report generates on a monthly basis at the beginning of each month, therefore, the data may not be current. To obtain real-time information, refer to Run a Real-Time Account Balance Report

Column Definitions:  

A - Location - If the employer has multiple locations, they will be listed here

B - Plan - This is the plan type for which the employee is enrolled 

C - Employee’s Social Security Number 

D - Employee’s Name (Last, First)

E - Plan Effective Date - This is the employee’s plan start date

F - Plan Termination Date - This is the date the employee was terminated from the plan (if applicable) or their plan end date

G - Plan status - This shows if an employee is active or terminated from the plan 

H - Annual Election - This is the annual amount the employee elected for the plan year, including employer contributions (if applicable)

I - Employee Deposits - This column shows the total contributions paid to date by the employee

J - Employer Deposits -  This column shows the total contributions paid to date by the employer

K - Rollover Deposits - If an employees had rollover funds from the prior year, the balance would be listed here

L - Total Deposits - This is the year-to-date amount deposited into the account between the employee, employer, and rollover deposits

M - Total Disbursed - This is the year-to-date amount the employee has been reimbursed or spent from the account 

N - Forfeiture Balance - While this is a column on the report, the forfeiture balance will not populate until the end of the plan year.  Forfeitures are unknown until the plan year is over and the runout is over.  Forfeitures are calculated by taking the total contributions and subtracting the disbursed amount.  Since contributions and disbursements are changing throughout the plan year, accurate figures cannot be provided.  

O - Available Balance - The employee’s year-to-date available balance 

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