Understanding and Accessing Orthodontia Reimbursement Options

Choosing how your members will be reimbursed for Orthodontia impacts how their flexible spending account will work with any orthodontia expenses.
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Required Documentation for Submission

Fill out the Ameriflex Orthodontia Claim Form and submit the filled out form to Ameriflex to get reimbursed for orthodontia expenses.

There is also a second option for Participants to pay the provider directly using their Ameriflex Debit Mastercard®.  

In either case, you must provide Ameriflex with a copy of the financial agreement/contract from the orthodontia provider. Ameriflex must also have all of the following information in order to review your orthodontia claim:

  • Total cost of treatment
  • Amount covered by insurance
  • Down payment amount
  • Installment payment amount and frequency (Monthly/Weekly/Other)
  • Date treatment begins/began and estimated length of treatment

Accessing Orthodontia Reimbursement 

Complete the followings steps to access your preferred orthodontia reimbursement options:

1. Use your credentials to log into the Ameriflex Client Portal

2. Locate and click the Plans Tab.

A page appears.

3. Locate the Orthodontia section and then the Preferred Orthodontia Reimbursement section. 

4. Click the drop-down arrow under Preferred Orthodontia Reimbursement.

Two options appear in the drop-down list.

5. Select one: As Paid Only or As Incurred and Paid.

Employers have the following two options when deciding their plan’s orthodontia reimbursement:

Option 1: As Paid Only - allows employees to be fully reimbursed up front for all eligible expenses incurred during the plan year and pre-pay the orthodontia. 

Note: This is the most popular option as it reimburses the member for their current out of pocket expense and creates the best participant experience. 

Option 2: As Incurred and Paid - restricts employee reimbursement based on the services provided monthly. 

6. Click Save

You successfully chose your preferred orthodontia reimbursement option.

Information: You can update your settings at any time during the plan year. However, if this is changed mid year, an amendment fee will apply because the groups plan documents will also need to be updated. You can update this setting during renewal at no additional cost.

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