Running an HSA Account Report for Ameriflex HSA Direct Deposit Purposes

Generating an HSA Account Report and to access and view all account numbers through the report for Ameriflex HSA direct deposit purposes.
Written by Michele Lombardo
Updated 2 years ago

Are you looking for an HSA Direct Deposit Report or maybe you are interested in funding participants' HSA Accounts via Direct Deposit?  We recommend this for employers who don't often change participants' deduction amounts each cycle.  This article will give you more insight into the Ameriflex HSA Direct Deposit.

Note:  You will need an account number and routing number for the direct deposit. The Participant's individual Account number can be found in the Ameriflex Employer Portal and the Ameriflex HSA Routing Number for all accounts is 101000695

1. Login to the Ameriflex Client Portal

2. Select Invoice/Reports on the Left 

A new page appears with multiple tabs located at the top of the page.

3. Click the HSA Account Report tab.

The HSA Account Report generates. A list of each participant names and their Account Number populates on the report.

You have the option to export the file as an Excel sheet and save it to your desktop, too.

Your Payroll team will use the Routing Number and HSA Account number to make payroll deposits into your employee’s account each pay period. Your payroll team will also oversee any request for election changes.

Information: Only accounts whose CIP Status is approved will have Account Numbers. Account Numbers are generated on a daily basis every night. 

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