Running a Qualified Beneficiary (QB) Summary Report

This report is similar to the Member Status Report. You can view all Qualified Beneficiaries and their statuses when you run this report from the portal.
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A Qualified Beneficiary (QB) Summary Report is a report containing a listing of all Qualified Beneficiaries records for your group in the system where they are group and listed by Status. You can also select individual statuses, too, for the report if needed. For example, in lieu of generating a report with all member statuses (Enrolled, Pending, etc.), this report allows you to narrow down your search to only include the statuses you wish to seek. 

The report is helpful because is allows you to monitor and track the statuses of Qualified Beneficiaries to help you determine which members have elected continuation of coverage through Cobra.

Complete the following steps:

1.  Open this link Ameriflex COBRA Portal and click the blue Employer Login button to access your account.

2. Select Import & Reports from the left navigation menu.

3. Select Standard Reports.

4. Select the Qualified Beneficiary Summary report option.

5. Select the division applicable to your search.

6. Select the desired status and timeframe you would like included in your report.

7. Choose the desired report format.

8. Select Run Report.

When the page loads, you will see the message: Your Report has been successfully sent to the Job Queue.

9. Hover over the message and select Job Queue.

Your Job Queue loads. The status of your report will be indicated under the ‘Message’ column. 

10. Select View to download the report.

The file will then be downloaded onto your PC. 

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