Run a COBRA Member Status Report

Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 1 year ago


  1. Login here
  2. Click Imports & Reports on the left hand side navigation bar
  3. Click Standard Reports
  4. In the drop-down menu, choose Report Type, select: Member Status
  5. In the Terminated Status Change Date Start text box, enter: 01/01/1900
  6. In the Terminated Status Change Date End text box, enter: 12/31/2099
  7. For Report Formats select: “Comma Separated Values Text File”
  8. Click Run Report
  9. If the report ran correctly, it should say “Your Report has been successfully sent to the Job Queue.”
  10. Click Job Queue
  11. When the page loads, the report you just ran should show up at the top of the page
  12. In the Download Results column, click View
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