How to Run a Remittance Report

For Broker
Written by Rachael Seida
Updated 2 years ago
Note: You must reach out to your Ameriflex contact to have this functionality turned on. 
  1. Login here
  2. Click on the Reports tab at the top of the page
  3. Hover over the Accounting Reports option to see the full list of report options
  4. Click on the Remittance option
  5. Find the dates that you would like to include on the report and click on the Report link on the right side of of that row
  6. Enter the group name in the Client Name field and click the Search button
  7. (optional) Select the division from the drop down
  8. For Report Formats select: “CSV - Comma Separated Values Text File”
  9. Click the Queue Report button
  10. When the page loads, the report you just ran should show up at the top of the page
  11. Once the report has completed - Click the Download Results link
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