Common EDI Errors (COBRA)

Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 7 months ago
File Type Error How to fix
QB Current available plan not available Confirm that the plan is listed under division or the name matches a plan in the system. During set up, make sure to select division when more than one division is in our system.
QB Dependent: *dep name*. Attempt to import dependent plan which is not available to be imported for the plan start date and UsesFDOC setting. Dependent plan will not be imported. Check that the coverage level on the plan matches with the amount of dependents being offered the plan. Example: EE + Child but two children listed as dependents - coverage level should be EE + Children
QB Error parsing import column [Phone2] for table [NPM] - Parm Length exceeded with value:77391325696 There is an extension to the phone number on the file - don't send extensions on files.
QB Invalid Event Date/Enrollment Date. Enrollment Date 5/1/2021 has to be before Event Date 4/1/2021 Enrollment Date on the file is dated before qualifying event date. Update the Enrollment Date to match the Benefit Start Date/Hire Date.
QB Invalid QBPlanInitial CoverageLevelType - The file is missing the coverage level for one or all of the plans listed.
QB No [QBEVENT] line in QB definition (QBs must have a [QBEVENT] import line.) Information is missing from this line on the file. If all information is there, then there are two lines with duplicate information.
QB Plan not available Confirm that the plan is showing in self service and EDI Vendor is in our system with exact naming on the file.
QB Plan start date of 05/01/2021 would create a break in coverage. This is not allowed. First date of COBRA on file doesn't match the Benefit Term Type on the plans in our system. Update start date of plans to match based off of Term Type on plans. Example: If Term Type is Event, the start date for plans should be the day after the event date.
QB The NPM's SSN and Hire Date is in use by another NPM for this client. Occurs when an active employee has a qualifying life event or a rehire. Send an email confirming new plan members (NPM) are not new.
QB There already exists a member with the same Client, SSN and Qualifying Event Date Compare what came over on the file to what is in CobraPoint. Confirm all data is correct, including demographics, all plans, and coverage levels. If there are dependents, make sure their information is correct.
QB No corresponding QBPLANINITIAL found with a planname of Ameriflex FSA for this QBPLANMEMBERSPECIF-CRATEINITIAL line Check the file to ensure that above the QBPLANMEMBERSPECIFCRATEINITIAL the member specific plan is showing a QBPLANINITIAL above with the plan name, FDOC/Start date & coverage level. Any plan that has a member specific rate is required to have two lines on the COBRA files. One line is the QBPLANINITIAL & the second line is QBPLANMEMBERSPECIFCRATEINITIAL which will include the start date of the rate and rate amount. 

QBPlan StartDate cannot be before FDOC. QBPlan StartDate 8/11/2023, FDOC 9/1/2023

Confirm if the First Day of Coverage (FDOC) is either End of Month or Termination Date. This will make a difference when the plan will start.
NPM The NPM's SSN and Hire Date is in use by another NPM for this client. This means the member is already in the system. The hire date in the system may not be up to date and should be corrected.

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