COBRA Portal: Troubleshooting Login Issues

Written by Michele Lombardo
Updated 2 years ago

This article will help you troubleshoot login issues.  Some important things to note:

  1. Please be sure to add the domain to your safe senders list. If that address is not in your safe sender list, the password reset email can inadvertently go to your Spam/Junk or Trash/Clutter folders.
  2. The link in the password reset email is only good for one use and expires after 1/2 hour for security reasons.  For example: Clicking the link in the email message and starting the reset password process and then clicking that link again in that same email message will cause an error.


We are sorry to hear you may be having trouble resetting your password for the Ameriflex COBRA portal. This article will help troubleshoot why you may not have received the reset email after the email address has been verified. Below are a few reasons this may be happening.

  1. Emails are being blocked by the receiving email system. In this case, you would need to work with your email administrators or technology team to allow these email messages through. They should whitelist the following email address to prevent delivery issues: and
  2. Emails are going to junk/spam folders or are being inadvertently routed by routing rules at the receiver's end.
  3. Your email (user's email) has not been validated. Ameriflex can supply the user with a temporary password.  User then enters their username and temporary password which prompts validation email. After validating the email, the user can access the system and update their password.


As a new user of the COBRA portal, Ameriflex will provide you with a registration code that you will use to log in for the first time.

Once you are added to the COBRA portal (potentially during the implementation process), a New Client Login Notice is generated and mailed via USPS that includes the user's unique registration code. Your Client Relationship Team will also send this information via email. I've included a link to a sample  of what one of those letters looks like below.  

Upon receipt of this letter, the user should follow the steps found in the COBRA Portal Learning Central to complete the registration process. (Link provided below). Our system will send the reset password email once the user's email address is fully validated. If the user needs their password reset before they complete the email validation, then the password can only be updated/provided manually by the Client Relationship Team. 

Below is a sample of the letter that will generate.

Note: Using Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) may prevent you from accessing certain features in the Ameriflex COBRA portal. For the best experience, we recommend using a different browser.

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