How COBRA Participants Can Avoid the Convenience Fee

Written by Michele Lombardo
Updated 9 months ago

Members will get charged a $20 COBRA convenience fee when they make a one time credit/debit card payment or a one time ACH payment.

Continue reading to locate answers to our frequently asked questions about the convenience charge. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Is the convenience fee initiated by Ameriflex?  

 Answer: No, Ameriflex doesn't initiate the fee and has no control over it.

  • Can Ameriflex waive the $20 fee?

Answer: No, Ameriflex doesn't initiate this fee or has no control over it, so Ameriflex can't waive the fee.

  • Is there a way to avoid the fee?

Answer: Yes, to avoid the $20 fee, Ameriflex recommends Participants to consider other available payment options the company has to offer.

  • Can Participants set up automated payments to avoid the fee?

Answer: Yes, Participants can set up automated payments from their checking or savings account.  Participants can complete our online form for ACH information and provide us this information on the form. Participants can click this link to register and create an online account. 

    • Can Participants fill out a check and send it to pay the fee?

    Answer: Yes, Participants can send checks to the following address:


                     ATTN:  Ameriflex Cobra Department 

                     PO BOX 2077 

                     Omaha, NE 68103-2077      

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