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How COBRA Participants Can Avoid the Convenience Fee

Written by Michele Lombardo
Updated 2 months ago

When COBRA participants make a debit/credit card payment for their premiums via our COBRA Participant Portal, there is a $20 convenience fee.

There is an ACH settlement process that occurs between our system administrator and the insurance company. Because monthly premiums are typically larger amounts, and the full month's premium must be paid to the carrier in order to obtain/keep coverage, the fee was established as a percentage of the potential premium.

For example, 2% of a $1,000 monthly premium would be $20. This fee is not charged or held by Ameriflex.

Participants do have the option of avoiding the fee by using our other payment options: 

Preferred Payment Method: Participants can set up automated payments from their checking or savings account. They can provide us this information by by creating an account online here and completing our online ACH form. 

Participants may also send checks to the following address:

ATTN: Ameriflex Cobra Department
PO BOX 2077
Omaha, NE 68103-2077

 support anytime!

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