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Client Monthly Report Explanation

Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 1 week ago
Note: This report is generated on a monthly basis at the beginning of each month, therefore the data may not be current. 

Column Definitions:  

A - Location - If the employer has multiple locations, they will be listed here

B - Plan - This is the plan type for which the employee is enrolled 

C - Employee’s Social Security Number 

D - Employee’s Name (Last, First)

E - Plan Effective Date - This is the employee’s plan start date

F - Plan Termination Date - This is the date the employee was terminated from the plan (if applicable) or their plan end date

G - Plan status - This shows if an employee is active or terminated from the plan 

H - Annual Election - This is the annual amount the employee elected for the plan year, including employer contributions (if applicable)

I - Employee Deposits - This column shows the total contributions paid to date by the employee

J - Employer Deposits -  This column shows the total contributions paid to date by the employer

K - Rollover Deposits - If an employees had rollover funds from the prior year, the balance would be listed here

L - Total Deposits - This is the year-to-date amount deposited into the account between the employee, employer, and rollover deposits

M - Total Disbursed - This is the year-to-date amount the employee has been reimbursed or spent from the account 

N - Forfeiture Balance - This column represents the difference between the employee has contributed to the account versus what has been spent year to date

O - Available Balance - The employee’s year-to-date available balance 

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