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Can I change my FSA election amount?

Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 10 months ago

Flexible spending account (FSA) elections are irrevocable and cannot be changed during the period of coverage unless there is a permitted change in election event

Examples of these events are:

  • A change in marital status (i.e., marriage, divorce, or death of your spouse)
  • A change in your number of dependents (i.e., birth or adoption of a child, or death of a dependent)
  • A change in employment status for you, your spouse, or dependent that affects eligibility
  • An event that causes your dependent to satisfy or cease to satisfy an eligibility requirement
  • A change in residence for you, your spouse, or dependent
  • A change in cost or coverage
  • HIPAA special enrollment rights
  • Judgment, decree, or order
  • Medicare or Medicaid entitlement
  • FMLA leaves of absence

Refer to your plan documents for specific information on what may constitute a qualifying event under your benefit plan.

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