What happens if I use my card to purchase an ineligible item or service?

Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 1 year ago

The purpose of this article is to help you, as a member, understand our resolution options for ineligible transactions and learn how to refund or offset these expenses. 

If your expense was ineligible, you will need to refund the transaction or offset the transaction. Continue reading to learn how to clear the transaction based on the two options.

Option 1: Refund the transaction

You can refund your account fully, or you can partially offset a portion of the ineligible expense. Then, you can refund the remaining portion that was not resolved by the offset process. For information about how to complete an offset, please see the next section titled "Option 2: Offset the Transaction" of this article.

a. Refund the claim online via the Participant Portal

1. Log into your Ameriflex Portal

2. Select the "ineligible" transactions in your transaction history.

3. Select Repay Transaction at the bottom of the transaction. 

4. Enter your payment information. 

Note: The payment information will need to include a bank account routing number, an account number, and your email address for the receipt. 

5. Select Next. 

6. Select I agree if you approve Ameriflex to withdraw the amount referenced.

Note: Allow 7-10 business days for your refund to post to your account.

b. Refund the account by phone

1. Call 888.868.3539

Information: Hours - Monday through Friday, 8AM-9PM, Eastern Standard Time (EST) and 10AM - 2PM Saturday (EST). 

c. Refund the transaction by mailing in a Form with a check or money order

1. Download the Refund Request form

2. Fill out the form. 

3. Mail the completed form and include a check or money order in the envelope payable to Ameriflex and addressed to:

Ameriflex Claims Department

PO Box 269009

Plano, TX 75026

Option 2: Offset the transaction

You have an ineligible expense on your account that you need to clear. Let's say you also purchased something else out of pocket but haven't submitted a claim to get reimbursed. As long as the out-of-pocket transaction was for an eligible item/service, you can use it to offset the ineligible expense posted to your account.

Note: The documentation being provided must be for an eligible expense that occurred during the same plan year as the funds that were used for the ineligible transaction.

Complete the following steps to offset an ineligible expense. If you can only partially offset the expense, complete the following steps for the partial offset. Then, please refer to previous section titled "Option 1: Refund the transaction" to learn how to refund the remaining portion of the transaction.

1. Download the Offset Request form

2. Fill out the whole form and include your signature and today's date.

Note: When listing the transaction details, you should only list the details of the ineligible transactions that appears on your Ameriflex account. Do not list any details about the new eligible expenses when you're submitting itemized receipts or Explanation of Benefits (EOB) document(s). We can obtain all the necessary information from the documents you submit to us.

3. Email, fax, or mail the form to Ameriflex and include the itemized receipt or EOB document(s) for the eligible expense.

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