Reimburse out-of-pocket expenses (HSA)

Learn how to file a claim and get reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses.
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Preferred Method of Reimbursement

You can choose to get reimbursed by check (in the mail) or by direct deposit.

1. Use your credentials to log into your Ameriflex account

The home page appears.

2. Locate and click the More tab.

A list of options appear.

3. Select Reimbursement Settings from the list of options.

The page refreshes and the Reimbursement Settings page appears.

4. Use the drop down arrow to select Check or Direct deposit.

Note: You only need to make this selection one time prior to filing your first claim. Your preferred method of reimbursement will be saved and automatically used for all claims that you file from then.

5. Follow additional steps on your screen when prompted for more information.

The example shows the fields you'll need to fill out if you choose Direct Deposit as your reimbursement method.

6. Click Save Changes.

You successfully updated your preferred method of reimbursement.

Information: If you selected reimbursement via check, allow 7-10 business days to receive the reimbursement. If you have selected reimbursement via direct deposit, allow 3-5 business days for the deposit to show in your bank account.

File Claim for Reimbursement

Complete the following steps to file a claim for reimbursement:

1. Use your credentials to log into your Ameriflex account

The home page appears.

2. Choose File A Claim.

A pop up message appears.

3. Read the message and choose one of the two options: Pay myself or Pay my provider that best fits your claim.

The File a Claim page appears.

4. Use the drop down arrow to select Health Savings Account.

5. Click Next.

6. Fill out the required fields.

Note: Remember to include the dollar amount for the requested reimbursement in the Claim Amount field.
Information: If you are filing for reimbursement for only one date of service, set the Service End Date to be the same as the Service State Date.

7. Click Next.

8. Click into and check the box labeled “I authorize my account(s) to be reduced by the amount requested.”

9. Click Submit Claim.

You successfully submitted the claim for your reimbursement.

Review the Reimbursement Option section for information about when you should receive the reimbursement payment.

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