Register for complimentary ID theft protection (HSA)

Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 1 year ago

As an Ameriflex cardholder, you get complimentary access to Mastercard’s® comprehensive Identity Theft Protection program*, powered by CSID®. You can rest assured knowing that if your Ameriflex Debit Mastercard® (or any other debit/credit cards you choose to register) gets misplaced or stolen, you can utilize Mastercard’s® industry-leading ID theft protection and restoration services for everything you may need to get back on track. 


  1. Click here
  2. Click activate now
  3. Enter your Ameriflex Debit Mastercard® number, click enroll
  4. Fill out personal information and set up your account
  5. Verify your email address
  6. Fill out more personal information, click create account
  7. You are now set up and can enroll in Credit Services, Add Monitoring, and View Alerts.
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