Make an HSA contribution

Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 7 months ago

Having an HSA allows you to make contributions to your account. 

Complete the following steps to fill out a form to make an HSA contribution:

1. Download and print the HSA Individual Contribution Form.

2. Fill out all the fields on the form.

Note: Remember to include your Ameriflex HSA Account Number. 
Information: If you need to look up your Ameriflex HSA Account Number, log into our Participant Portal. After logging in, click the More Details button located to the right of your Health Savings Account balance. Your account number is shown at the bottom of the box you see on the screen.

3. Attach a check or money order (payable to Ameriflex HSA) to the completed HSA Individual Contribution Form.

4. Mail the form and payment to the following address:

Ameriflex HSA
ATTN: Banking Operations
7 Carnegie Plaza
Suite 200
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

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