Download 1099-SA or 5498-SA Tax Form

Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 7 months ago

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations require that a 1099-SA be issued for all individuals that have an active health savings account (HSA) with distributions processed within a calendar year. 

1099-SA tax forms will be available online to Ameriflex HSA account holders by the IRS deadline of January 31st after the calendar year has ended.   

The Form 5498-SA is required to report the contributions to an individual’s HSA account during the tax year. This form is generated at the end of May in order to capture contributions that were made for the prior tax year up until the filing deadline for that year. 

Steps (desktop)

  1. From your Ameriflex account, scroll down to your HSA
  2. Click tax forms (located next to Account Resources)
  3. Download your 1099-SA and/or 5498-SA
  4. Send the 1099-SA form to your tax advisor and save the 5498-SA for your records. 
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