What is a Disability Extension Fee?

Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 2 years ago

Someone who is deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration could be eligible for an 11-month extension of COBRA. Under federal COBRA laws, the plan can charge qualified beneficiaries an increased premium, up to 150 percent of the cost of coverage, during the 11-month disability extension. This helps offset claims vs. premiums paid to the carrier.

This is not related to a disability plan; it is for someone who is already on disability who elects COBRA as well.

How it works:
Ameriflex adds 2% or 50% on the individual plan rates for anyone who is on disability. The 50% option is the total disability fee that includes the 2% from Ameriflex. Ameriflex would either charge 102% or 150% of the premium to that individual who is on disability.

The 50% option would be for a company who has a high rate of disability employees. If left blank, Ameriflex will default to the 50% disability fee.

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