What Should I Do With My POP Documents?

Written by Lucy Tran
Updated 1 year ago

Plan Document

The Plan Document needs to be signed and retained by the employer.

We would recommend reviewing the document to ensure that it does match with your plan design.  If not, you can edit the document via the ‘Edit’ feature in the www.epopdocs.com self-service portal.

The document signature date should be the actual date the document is signed.  If the document is signed after the plan year start date, please do not sign it as of an earlier date, that would be considered ‘back-dating’ which is not permitted by the IRS regulations.

Summary Plan Description

The Summary Plan Description needs to be distributed to all employees who are participating in the Section 125 plan.

A new copy must be distributed at any point that changes are made to the documents or every 5 years (whichever occurs first).  The employer may distribute the document more frequently if they prefer.

Resolution Document

Ameriflex provides the Resolution Document as a courtesy, not all employers will have need for this item.

This should be used if you have a board of directors that needs to sign off on the adoption of new benefits.  If that is the case, this document may be used for this purpose.

Note: If the Resolution Document provided by Ameriflex does not fit with your resolution/adoption process, please feel free to utilize our document as a template or discard it in favor of a document you may have standard on your end.

If you do not have a board of directors or do not utilize Resolution Documents, you may disregard this item in favor of whatever your standard procedure is for formally adopting new plans.

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