Ease Comprehensive EASE Guide - FLEX

EASE set up for Flex Accounts
Written by Rachael Seida
Updated 3 years ago
*Important note about FLEX Clients & EASE: EASE does not support the following: Employer Contributions - which affects any employer funded FSAs, LPFSAs, & HSAs. EASE also does not allow for tiered HRAs, Funding Files, & Multiple Payroll Calendars to be transmitted.

Ease Checklist: Download Checklist


  1. Login to EASE
  2. Mark COBRA eligible plans: Select the Company/Client  you are connecting with Ameriflex
  3. Select “Benefits” tab
  4. Mark each desired plan as COBRA eligible: Select the plan:
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select eligible from the COBRA eligible drop down menu:
  6. Once complete, go back to your main login dashboard
  7. Select “Marketplace”
  8. Scroll down and select “Third Party Administrator”
  9. Find “Ameriflex” and click it
  10. Click “Enable” in the dialogue box prompt
  11. Click “Yes, Enable”
  12. Then click “Save”. The client is now able to engage in an Ameriflex connection, allowing you to be able to send an activation request to Ameriflex.
  13. Return to your main homepage dashboard
  14. Click “Client”
  15. Click “Marketplace”
  16. Click “Third Party Administrator”
  17. Click “Ameriflex”
  18. Click “Enable”
  19. Click “Yes, Enable”
  20. Click “Save”
  21. Click “Ameriflex” again
  22. Click “Get Started” (this should only be completed once Ameriflex approves the feed)
  23. Click “Next”
  24. Provide the “Client ID” - which would be your Ameriflex AMF Code - if you have not been given this code already, please request it.
  25. Select the respective data that should be sent to Ameriflex: Annual Open Enrollment, Ongoing Eligibility
  26. Disable any plans you do not want to include in the file exchange
  27. Click “Next”, then “Finish”
  28. Await for Ameriflex to review & advise on any issues, and proceed to accept the data feed.
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