ePOP Self-Service Portal Questions

Written by Lucy Tran
Updated 1 year ago

1. Do I need a direct contact person in order to utilize ePOP?

No, ePOP is a self-service portal designed for ease of individual use and access. 

2. Will I have a direct Client Experience contact with ePOP, like with Ameriflex’s FSA/HRA/COBRA/etc. plans?

No, unlike the other benefit offerings with Ameriflex, ePOP does not involve any employee administration on Ameriflex’s part. All employee administration is handled by whoever handles your payroll. The ePOP service is primarily a web-based document portal to ensure that you have your necessary Section 125 documentation, as well as access to Non-Discrimination Testing.

3. If I have trouble with the ePOP portal or questions on the documents, do I have anyone I can reach out to for assistance?

Yes, the ePOP team can be reached at epop@myameriflex.com and 844-423-4636 ext. 178

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